September 2008

September 29, 2008

September 25, 2008

September 24, 2008

September 23, 2008

March 31, 1979 to October 25, 1997

Jamie Livingston took a Polaroid a day from March 31, 1979 to October 25, 1997, the day of his death. Mental Floss tells a great story about the site.


September 21, 2008

Seven rose-pushers

There were seven rose-pushers outside the train station after work on Friday.

  • Claremont. A short movie about going down a hill fast. Astounding.

September 18, 2008

ESP by 22

Yay! My copy of 22’s first EP, ESP, has arrived!

When I first heard them, I sort of wrote them off as “musician’s music”, too technical for my taste. But after seeing them live — wow! — I totally heard the light! 22 is now my favorite band.

It’s also one of the only times I’ve seen a band live — three times now — before they’d released, well, anything.

You can get your’s from CDON, or give them a listen on Myspace or on Facebook.


September 17, 2008

His uncle’s eye

joe biden is thom yorke’s old american uncle.”

— A comment on Daily Intel


September 16, 2008

September 15, 2008

September 12, 2008

A note about Georges Perec

The first thing I learned about Georges Perec is that he’d written a novel without using the letter ‘e’. Talk about creative constraints!

Perec’s best-known work, Life: A User’s Manual, is divided into 99 chapters, which “move like a knight’s tour of a chessboard around the room plan of a Paris apartment [building], describing the rooms and stairwell and telling the stories of the inhabitants.”

He was a member of Oulipo, a literary group interested in creating constrained writing techniques.


September 5, 2008

Educational videos

Ever wonder how to garden, drive a car, or write a letter while high on salvia? Well, here are some educational videos: driving on salvia, gardening on salvia, and writing a letter to Congress on salvia.

Funny, and probably very true.


September 4, 2008