February 2006

February 27, 2006

Like vultures they do descend

Roosa is starting her own business, and this morning, at 9 AM sharp, an insurance company called, offering their services. This is how she found out that her company is now incorporated. Another insurance company called just now. Roosa wasn’t nearly as receptive.


February 20, 2006

What WHATWG is, and why it’s actually pretty cool

I’ve had Edd Dumbill’s article on WHATWG open in my (saved by the grace Firefox’s Sessionsaver add-on) browser for a long time, but today I finally got around to reading it (as trivial as this may sound, the primary reason has probably been how intimidating and ugly IBM’s developerWorks is, followed by the repellentness of the WHATWG acronym).

I’m glad I finally did take a closer look at the article.

First of all:

“WHATWG’s figurehead specification is code-named HTML5, but is known more properly as Web Applications 1.0. HTML5 is intended to preserve backward compatibility with the current HTML standard, HTML 4.01, and also with XHTML 1.0, the XML version of HTML.”

And then:

So what’s inside HTML5? In short, a lot. The Web Applications 1.0 specification is an evolving beast, and some of the features mentioned are more fully developed than others. Here’s a 30,000-foot flyover of the new features:

  • New layout elements, including a calendar control, an address card, a flexible datagrid, gauges and progress meters, drag and drop, and menus
  • Programming extensions to the Document Object Model (DOM), including server-sent DOM events
  • A formalization of the de-facto standard XMLHttpRequest object, the centerpiece of Ajax communication
  • Dynamic bitmap graphics through the canvas element

I didn’t know they had powers like that

Tom uses his scientological powers for evil.


February 15, 2006

February 13, 2006

Back from CPH

Returned from Copenhagen last night. Fun trip, though tiring. It’s good to be home.

We stayed at Hostel Belaegningen, which was nice, if a little far from downtown Copenhagen. It’s walking distance from Avedore Station (A or A+ S-trains), and the bus 1A goes even closer from the Copenhagen central railway station many times an hour.


February 6, 2006


Lisäisin tähän listaan vielä värikoodatut välilehti-ikonit ja Web Developerin kaveriksi Firebugin.


February 2, 2006

Elias has a website

Elias’s website. Elias is an old classmate of mine who’s studying music composition in Boston. I was hoping we’d be able to visit him this May when we go to “tour” the States, but as luck has it, he’ll be in Finland when we’ll be on the East Coast. (I put tour in quotes because we’ll be driving from San Francisco to New York and back, not actually touring like, say, a band.)